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Our goal is to be the “Voice of The Community.” We’re glad you took the time to visit our site to meet our Jocks and find out more about our radio programming.

WMPR is located in the heart of the community in Jackson, MS.

Distributed in archaeological contexts over as great a distance as Government Mountain in the San Francisco Volcanic Field in northern Arizona, the Quaternary sources in the Jemez Mountains, most associated with the collapse of the Valles Caldera, are distributed at least as far south as Chihuahua through secondary deposition in the Rio Grande, and east to the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles through exchange.

And like the sources in northern Arizona, the nodule sizes are up to 10-20 cm in diameter; El Rechuelos, Cerro Toledo Rhyolite, and Valles Rhyolite (Valle Grande) glass sources are as good a media for tool production as anywhere. Half of the 1986 Journal of Geophysical Research, volume 91, was devoted to the then current research on the Jemez Mountains.

Cerro del Medio) have been off-limits to most research. The emphasis here was on understanding the secondary distribution of the major sources that appear in the archaeological record in the northern Southwest; El Rechuelos, Cerro Toledo Rhyolite, and Valles Rhyolite (Cerro del Medio).

The discussion of this source group here is based on collections by Dan Wolfman and others, facilitated by Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the Museum of New Mexico (see Broxton et al. Due to its proximity and relationship to the Rio Grande Rift System, potential uranium ore, geothermal possibilities, an active magma chamber, and a number of other geological issues, the Jemez Mountains and the Toledo and Valles Calderas particularly have been the subject of intensive structural and petrological study particularly since the 1970s (Bailey et al. El Rechuelos is mistakenly called "Polvadera Peak" obsidian in the archaeological vernacular (see also Glascock et al. Polvadera Peak, while a rhyolite dome, did not produce artifact quality obsidian.

Ms Beeny, who hosts Channel 4's Property Ladder programme, owns about 40 per cent of My Single Friend, which she co-founded with her friend Amanda Christie in 2004.

The site is unique in that subscribers must nominate a friend who will write a description of them – which, unlike other dating sites, means that a user's profile features both their own words and those of their friend.

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Indeed, El Rechuelos obsidian is derived from a number of small domes north, west, and south of Polvadera Peak as noted by Baugh and Nelson (1987) and Wolfman (1994; see also Figures here).Quite simply, we are WMPR 90.1 Radio, the “Voice of the Community.” It’s been that way for over 30 years.Dating back to 1983, we began as a small radio station around the Tougaloo, Mississippi area. It's been revealed that couples who meet through online dating are 25% less likely to seperate than couples who meet through more traditional means.

The study asked almost 20,000 people, all married, a series of questions about their relationship, to discover how happy they were.Whether you crave a healthy choice or you need to increase your […] WMPR offers a range of programming tailored to fit the listening pleasure of a diverse audience.

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