Examples of world accommodating new religious movements

15-Sep-2017 07:22

The available evidence strongly indicates that there has been a long history of nontraditional religious groups in the United States and that these groups have maintained a strong minority presence (Moore 1985).

Since a high proportion of these NRMs have survived, the overall number has continued to rise.

One of its lay leaders was a prominent person in the California Council of Churches.

This group became identified as a cult only after the death of the members who were in Guyana.

New religious movement (NRM) is a term used to refer to a religious faith or an ethical, spiritual, or philosophical movement of recent origin that is not part of an established denomination, church, or religious body.

Wallis, using ‘response to the world’ as the principal distinguishing criterion: this separates two main types: world-denying and world-affirming movements—and a third, relatively minor category, the world-accommodating type.

Bankers without conscience who want power and domination rather than contstitutional freedom.